Corporate Background Checks
Private/Individual Background Checks


Security with Provision is a leading provider of complete employment background checks. During our on-demand checks, our systems correspond with multiple county, state, and federal databases to determine and/or verify the criminal history, past employment, education, professional licenses and certifications, government and industry-specific sanction listings and more.

We provide an experienced staff that consults and collaborates with you to create a customized screening strategy for your needs. We assist with implementing a background investigation program that is compliant with your industry’s requirements and aligned with employment screening best practices that foster safe work environments and reduce potential liability by uncovering job candidates’ criminal records, falsified resumes, inclusion on sanction lists and other adverse background information.


Federal, state, and local governments maintain vast databases storing information about most Americans. The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) provides the public the right to request access to records from any federal agency. However, accessing information can be difficult, tedious, and time-consuming. Conducting private background checks necessitates that someone submits requests to every governmental agency that may hold information — every individual, every agency, every time! It sounds like a guaranteed headache because it is. Let us help!

Security with Provision eliminates the hassle incurred when you ‘do it yourself and delivers you valuable information in seconds!

Simply search for an individual’s name to locate their Security with Provision background check report. You’ll learn more about them in minutes than you could possibly hope to discover after spending hours researching on Google.

Security with Provision works by compiling all known public records about an individual into a single place.

Background Reports May Contain:

  • Full name and aliases
  • Age
  • Possible Relatives  
  • Phone numbers
  • Educational information
  • Arrest records
  • Professional licenses  
  • Properties owned      
  • Vehicle information
  • Date of birth
  • Possible photos
  • Known addresses
  • Email addresses
  • Criminal history
  • Traffic infractions
  • Weapon permits
  • Business affiliations
  • Mortgages

We impart sensitive information (criminal records, addresses, phone numbers, civil judgments, etc.) that can be utilized to satisfy your curiosity, protect your family, or reveal the truth about people in your life.

The confidence and ease of being aware of who you’re interacting with.

You can employ Security with Provision background checks to: 

  • Check online acquaintances and/or dates
    • Did you connect with someone online but don’t want to be catfished?
  • Locate old friends
    • Have years passed and you only know their name and state residence?
  • Reunite with estranged family members
    • Are you rebuilding the family tree and need unlimited searches?
  • Research neighbors
    • Want to shield your family with the fidelity of knowing who is next door?

At Security with Provision, we aim to keep you informed by providing indispensable insight through quality background checks. All searches are private and confidential, no one will know you conducted a background screening on them.

Our commitment to customized, responsive service ensures a hassle-free investigative process that meets and exceeds compliance guidelines and also equips you with everything you need to know about lost loved ones, neighbors and prospective employees.

The information contained in a single Security with Provision background check will help you readily understand why Google searches can only provide you with an incomplete picture.

Security with Provision delivers dependable polygraph and investigation services in Arkansas. Our goal is to provide both a superior customer experience and tremendous value for our customers. Detailed reports of your interview and results are always included.

We have extensive experience in conducting polygraph tests in support of criminal investigations, crime scene examinations, and the recruitment, development, and supervision of undercover sources.


A polygraph examination (popularly referred to as a lie detector test) is a procedure that measures and records several physiological indicators including blood pressure and pulse along with other measurements while a person is asked and answers a series of questions. The belief supporting the use of the polygraph is that deceptive answers will produce physiological responses that can be differentiated from those associated with non-deceptive answers.

When a properly constructed polygraph examination is administered by a trained polygraph examiner, the polygraph test is one of the most accurate means available to determine truth and deception.


Criminal and clinical polygraph examinations are most routinely conducted at the request of attorneys, law enforcement agencies, therapists, and probation and parole departments. Administered polygraph examinations are used to establish a commission of criminal or civil offenses, and re-offenses, as well as obtain the examinee’s full disclosure, baseline behavior, adherence to regulations, compliance with policy requirements and procedures, or any violation of parole/probation guidelines or treatment rules.

Other instances in which polygraphs are common:

  • Pre-employment for armored car & security guard personnel
  • Companies (under the limitations of EPPA)
  • Treatment facilities
  • Insurance investigations
  • Private citizens

Security with Provision provides drug and alcohol testing for businesses and individuals. We schedule drug and/or alcohol tests for pre-employment, post-accident, probation, court-ordered, traffic stops, personal, and more.

We offer hundreds of drug testing panels and specialty testing options such as unknown substance testing for liquid, pills, powder, and heavy metals. Our most common drug test panels are available for order online. In the event you don’t see what you are looking for, give us a call at [501-221-3500].


Security with Provision provides professional concealed carry training, services, and products. We have seasoned instructors who guarantee a top-notch, safe training environment.

We offer clients classroom training settings, virtual shooting ranges, as well as live ammunition shooting ranges.

Our all-inclusive training program is designed to develop clients’ ability to discern when and when not to shoot, allowing our clients to complete weapons qualifications and become better marksmen.



  • Concealed Carry
  • Enhanced Concealed Carry
  • Private Pistol Instruction

What you will learn:

  • Understanding Arkansas’ CCL laws and rules to know when, where, and how to carry
  • Self-defense laws – Avoidance of dangerous situations and remain vigilant
  • Firearm fundamentals – how to properly handle and store firearms
  • Firearm cleaning
  • The concealed carry lifestyle – details regarding the advancement of CCL clothing and the latest firearm technology


  • Calvin Frierson ( #06-473 )
  • Corey Valentine  ( #16-1236 )
  • Kourtney Valentine ( #16-1237 )

Security with Provision’s business foundation was built upon the execution of emergency management exercises.

We focus on in-depth drill running, tabletop exercises, functional exercises, and other full-scale exercises. You can partner with Security with Provision to coordinate your exercise control functions or to support and manage an entire exercise.

SWP specializes in expert, real-life training for:

  • Active shooter incidents
  • Hazardous materials training
  • Law enforcement Use of Force training
  • Branching-out options

Available Simulation Training

  • De-escalation judgmental
  • Use of Force
  • Active shooter property alarm
  • Autism awareness corrections
  • Dog encounters
  • Domestic violence
  • High-risk entry
  • High-risk vehicle stops
  • Hostage situation
  • Active threat
  • Active killer ambush
  • Mental illness
  • Multi-incident PTSD
  • Skill drill suspect contact
  • Suspicious subject
  • Tourniquet application
  • Traffic Stop
  • Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)
  • Emotionally Disturbed Person (EDP)
  • Human factors in force encounters

Security with Provision ensures that your confidential exercises and results remain secure with access-control and sharing features that permit you to determine who can deliver, edit, review and debrief exercises.

Features include:

  • Multimedia injects
  • iOS remote control
  • Automatic debrief reports
  • Simple setup
  • Multi-site features
  • Breakout rooms
  • Video and audio conferencing
  • Whiteboard collaboration
  • Real-time scenario changes
  • Interactive whiteboards
  • Black box recording
  • After-action review
  • Runs on a standard PC
  • Multi-site presentation
  • Text chat


Security with Provision helps law enforcement officers prepare for real-life incidents. Our use of force training simulators presents authentic scenarios that offer a thorough look into human performance.

The demands on LE to make critical decisions in tense, uncertain, and rapidly evolving situations require that the cognitive neuroscience and human physiology aspect of human performance be taken into account as part of police training methodology.

We meticulously research how to best use LE simulation technology within our training to measure these domains.

Each LE training simulator, coupled with our curriculum and interactive coursework, teaches trains, tests, and sustains law enforcement officers. Our branching options further increase realism by allowing scenarios to unfold based on the instructor, trainee, or team’s decisions.


An active shooter is an individual actively engaged in killing or attempting to kill people in a populated area. Recent active shooter incidents have underscored the need for a coordinated response by LE and others to save lives. We are committed to working with LE and their partners to protect schools, workplaces, houses of worship, transportation centers, other public gathering sites, and communities.

SWP offers a state-of-the-art training facility with simulated exercises tailored for the capacity, expertise, and specialized capabilities before and after an incident occur.

Security With Provision provides operational, behavioral-based threat assessments and threat management services to help detect and prevent acts of targeted violence to help academic, mental health, business, community, LE, and governmental entities recognize and disrupt potential active shooters who may be on a trajectory toward violence.


We can provide specialized training in the following areas:

  • Awareness Level 1 — World threats such as bombs, radiation, biological, chemical, terrorist, and natural disasters
  • Operator Level 2 — How to operate in the environment taught in the awareness training above
  • DECON Level 1 — Overview of all the equipment needed during an emergency
  • DECON Level 2 — How to properly DECON yourself and others in a
  • contaminated site

HAZMAT training features a GO/NGO certification. Certifications expire at the agreed-upon time frame based on the requirements of your company’s policies and procedures.

Branching Out Options

HAZMAT events are rarely simple; our training scenarios are designed with a range of complexities. Each scenario unfolds based on the decisions made by the trainee while inside the simulation allowing, a team’s resilience and accuracy to be tested repeatedly and consistently.

We train personnel to provide armed security to clients and to transport millions of dollars of equip­ment.

We use the upgraded loadmaster equipment and implement loadmaster best practices to ensure load security.

We use various forms of tracking and high-grade communication equipment to maintain secure contact with clients and headquarters during the execution of armed services and transport services.